About MDL Design & Drafting LLC


Michael D. Laverriere, has worked with wood in various ways, much of his adult life. From furniture and cabinetry, to framing and finish carpentry. His, hands on knowledge of wood, includes construction materials, tools and machinery. Education includes: Manufacturing Engineering also Interior Design/Pre-Architecture. For twenty years MDL has created well detailed, CAD, Architectural Millwork shop drawings of Custom furniture, custom cabinetry, custom interiors, residential and commercial. For the past decade, MDL has developed the skill to create Residential Construction Documents, for to Code, building permits. His projects include new custom homes, home additions and renovations.

Design Process: Initial meeting, site visit, conceptualization, space planning, fields and lot survey. Construction Documents include: Plans, Elevations, Sections, Door & Window Schedule, Details when needed.

Regardless of the job type, responsibility Includes: Adhering to the client’s time schedule and priorities, in order to deliver excellent results.

Software: Autodesk CAD LT 2020 (2D)

Millwork Shop Drawings:

  • To get a Quote, we need architectural drawings and an itemized Scope of Work.
  • To produce drawings, we can use a template with your title block.
  • We can also use a sample of your finished shop drawings for reference.

Millwork Shop Drawing Projects include:
Custom kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, walk-in closets, entertainment centers, home theaters, library’s, coffered ceilings, wainscoting, reception desks, and more.

I've drawn & designed a variety of architectural millwork items including, wainscoting, coffered ceilings, decorative trims, casework, custom doors, home theaters, kitchens, offices, reception desks and custom cabinetry, all which have been built from my drawings.


Creative, focused, and proactive contributor in challenging, precise environments, offering hands-on experience as a Project Coordinator. Coupled with appropriate knowledge of construction to consistently achieve or exceed client and management expectations. Collaborate effectively with sub-contractors, sales and marketing personnel, and with customer representatives to ensure project requirements met, resources managed effectively, and budgets and timelines closely adhered to. Expertise also includes scheduling, documentation, engineering specifications review and approval.